Hello and welcome everyone to Techniks.net. I am Arthur, father of 3 with a crazy passion, Technology. Every since I was a kid I always took apart whatever I could, whether it was broke or not to figure out what was inside and how it worked. This page will be dedicated to numerous things which include but not limited to: Gaming, Reviews, Do it Yourself projects, Tutorials and much more. Behind all the binary and components what I truly love and will always love is gaming. Day in and day out I’m always looking to challenge myself with a video game, yes I said video game. They are wonderful things to get yourself lost into to pass the time. It all started on my 7th birthday when I got my first Atari. It grew into something great, Pong was AWESOME the time spent on that game was indefinite, Then it was Super Mario Brothers, the fun you could have rescuing the princess and being the hero of the day saving the damsel in distress. Today I play mostly PC games however now and then I do break out the old emulators and indulge myself in the nostalgia of the older games like Final Fantasy, the original. For the most part you will find gameplay for Android, Linux, Windows, PS3, Xbox 360 and much more to come in the future. If you are still reading, thank you for taking part in my passion and obsession. Again, I welcome you to the page and hope you enjoy your stay.